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The topic of discussion for this week’s episode is uncovering hidden cash. My special guest, Christian Bishop is going to shed light on what we should consider from a tax perspective when starting a side-hustle or business. He also shares insights on what employees should do to put themselves in the best place financially and some of the ways billons of dollars are left unclaimed every year.

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Too many people, entrepreneurs, individuals, and families pay too much in income taxes. Many of them could pay less, in some cases far less. The average person has no idea what their tax liability is, but they do know they had either a refund or owe. We have been trained to think of income taxes in all the wrong ways. It isn’t about refunds and how much you owe when you file, but how much the IRS kept. With this, their financial net worth will not grow as fast as before, and what’s worse, they probably won’t even know what they missed.